Home of the Long Grey Line
The Crusaders
Through the  courtesy of Vern Malare we have a
Crusader flag for all past members, management and
instructors to sign.  This flag will fly at all future
reunions as a reminder of those who made the
Crusaders what they were.
Thank you Vern!!
The 2019 Reunion Committee:

Bob Strohm
Marsha (Jefferson) Stohm
Bruce Haas
Ed Seipp
Bob Truttmann
Suzie (Spruell) Haas
Larry Kenetski
Vern Malare
Tom Munie
Terry Miles
Jim Kassing
Jerry Kassing
Barry Kassing
Larry Bryant

Can we add your name to 2019 Reunion Committee?
The 16th annual alumni reunion will be held
on September 14, 2019 beginning at 11:00
AM until ???